Ruissengel  Espady is Victory for Haiti’s first scholarship recipient.  Ruissengel lives in Cap-Haitian, Haiti.  He is one of eight children.  He has four brothers and three sisters and is 20 years old.  He attends University Roi Henri Christophe and is majoring in Agronomy (the science and technology of producing and using plants for food, fuel, fiber, and reclamation. It encompasses work in the areas of plant genetics, plant physiology, meteorology, and soil science and is the application of a combination of sciences like biology, chemistry, economics, ecology, earth science, and genetics. Agronomists today are involved with many issues including producing food, creating healthier food, managing environmental impact of agriculture, and creating energy from plants.   Agronomists often specialize in areas such as crop rotation, irrigation and drainage, plant breeding, plant physiology, soil classification, soil fertility, weed control, insect and pest control. – Wikipedia).  He lives with his mother.