Our Vision

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Our Vision: To bring education and prosperity to families and communities in Haiti.

Community Center in Lory – a place for the community to make decisions and for the family to have healthy entertainment and activities.  Victory for Haiti will one day build and open a community center in the outskirts of Cap-Haitian, Haiti. The land is purchased with a partial building. This community center will be a multi-purpose center.

Victory American School – a place of education for the working class in Cap-Haitian, Haiti to receive a progressive style of learning.  The American School of Victory was the initial dream I had for the people of Cap-Haitian, Haiti.

Our Mission

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Our Mission:  To provide tuition fees, school books and uniforms to students in 11th grade, Rheto (12th grade) and Philo (13th grade, University prep year) that have completed the application process which reside in Haiti, connect with them, build lasting relationships and mentor them while networking with others assuring that they will obtain competitive employment upon graduation of University.