ColetteColette Thibodeaux – President

Colette Thibodeaux is the founder and president of Victory for Haiti.  Colette is originally from Waco, TX, and presently lives in Anchorage, AK.  Colette started traveling to Cap-Haitian, Haiti in March, 1996, with TurnAgain Church of Christ in Anchorage.  She participated in short-term mission trips to Cap-Haitian three years in a row.  Through networking, she was able to secure a longer-term mission assignment working as interim administrator of Cap-Haitian Children’s Home, an orphanage in Cap-Haitian.  When that assignment was completed, she worked as an English as a Foreign Language at a technical school, Foundation Vincent Technical School.

Colette returned to Alaska, after running out of funds.  As a visionary, she began brainstorming ways to be an effective advocate for post-secondary education scholarships for young adults in Cap-Haitian.  She began to work on a project, Victory for Haiti, January, 2011.

It is Colette’s vision and mission to return to Cap-Haitian as a life-long missionary, being self-sustaining without American support.  She has other projects in her heart; a community center for children to explore a thriving learning environment and for community members to meet and make their community what they envision.




Sheryl MurrahSheryl Murrah – Vice President

Sheryl Murrah, is an officer with Victory for Haiti.  She has been an officer since March, 2016.  Sheryl hails from Charlotte, NC is a member of Sugar Creek Church of Christ.  Sheryl has a strong passion for the people of Northern Haiti for than 20 years, mostly in the ministry of relief funds for natural disasters and meeting basic physical needs.

Sheryl has a tireless gift of networking with well-known nation-wide pastors, doctors, nurses, and other professionals that share her passion for Northern Haiti.  When doors close, she does not give up; but keeps knocking until they open.  Victory for Haiti is blessed to have her on our board.